Month: February 2018

Visual Distress Signals

The new “Visual Distress Signals” video shows what boating activities require which types of U.S. Coast Guard approved visual distress signals. Viewers will also learn about different types of visual distress signals. Also featured are tips for safely transporting and storing them aboard boats. Learn more at Join USPS

Life Jackets for Children

The new “Life Jackets for Children” video shows how to choose the best life jacket for a child and test to ensure its effectiveness. Viewers will also learn learn why teaching a child how to properly wear a life jacket is important. Also featured are valuable tips on special life

Life Jacket Flotation

The new “Life Jacket Flotation” video explains buoyancy — the tendency of a body to float or sink in water. Viewers will also learn about the three basic types of flotation used in U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets. Also featured are valuable tips on which body types are the

How Life Jackets Save Lives

The new “How Life Jackets Save Lives” video shows what life jackets are required on recreational vessels to meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements. Viewers will also learn how life jackets are designed to save lives and how buoyancy is a key to their effectiveness. Also featured are valuable tips on