Month: April 2018

Boat Accident Reporting

The new “Boat Accident Reporting” video shows when and how boating accidents on US waters must be reported. Viewers will also learn how reporting requirements vary by state. Also featured are tips for finding out more about applicable requirements. Learn more at Join USPS at

Navigation Rules FAQ

The new “Navigation Rules FAQ” video answers the most frequently asked questions regarding Nav Rules for recreational boaters. Viewers will learn about the US Aids to Navigation System (ATONS), right-of-way, look-outs, wake effects, lights, and related regulations. Also featured is information about how to obtain print and electronic copies of

PWC Docking

The new “PWC Docking” video shows how to bring a personal watercraft to a predetermined point by using a stopping procedure, giving consideration to wind, current, and boat traffic. Viewers will learn three techniques to apply to bring PWCs dockside or into a slip depending upon the wind or current.

PWC Person Overboard and Roll-Overs

The new “PWC Person Overboard and Roll-Overs” video shows how to safely retrieve a person who falls off a personal watercraft (PWC). Viewers will also learn how to right a PWC that capsizes by using a proper righting procedure and how to re-board. Also featured are tips for pre-departure briefings.