Month: March 2019

Electronic Navigation with GPS

The new “Electronic Navigation with GPS” video shows how the Global Positioning System (GPS) can benefit recreational vessel navigation. Viewers will learn how to create waypoints and define routes for chart-plotting with GPS. Also featured are tips about additional GPS functions and displays. Learn more at Join USPS at

Stand-Up Paddleboard Safety

The new “Stand-Up Paddleboard Safety” video shows when SUPs are considered to be vessels under oars with applicable rules and regulations. Viewers will learn how to use preliminary steps like prone paddling and knee paddling. Also featured are additional safety tips about the fastest growing water sport in the world.

Safety Tips for Paddle Sports

The new “Safety Tips for Paddle Sports” video shows tips for safe enjoyment of recreational paddle-boating in kayaks, canoes, and similar vessels under oars. Viewers will learn what to do before getting underway, how to proceed safely, and steps to take if they encounter difficulty. Learn more at Join

Wear a Life Jacket!

The new “Wear a Life Jacket!” video shows why recreational boaters should always wear life jackets while underway. Viewers will also learn about special considerations for children and young adults. Also featured are tips regarding on-the-water activities that pose additional risks. Learn more at Join USPS at