Month: June 2020

Introducing ATONS

The new “Introducing ATONS” video shows how buoys, day beacons, and other marks provide aids to navigation. Viewers will also learn about categories such as lateral and regulatory ATONS. Also featured are special purpose and danger marks.Learn more at Join USPS at

Behavioral Consequences

The new “Behavioral Consequences” video covers the importance to recreational boat operators of having a working knowledge of the Navigation Rules. Viewers will learn about the dangers of not following the rules of the road. Also featured are tips for responsible boating.Learn more at Join USPS at

Life Jacket Care

The new “Life Jacket Care” video shows how recreational boaters can ensure serviceability and extend the useful life of life jackets. Viewers will also learn about special considerations for inflatable and foam-filled jackets. Also featured are tips regarding life jacket replacement. Learn more at Join USPS at