Month: July 2020


America’s Boating Channel LIVE is the new weekly online magazine show from United States Power Squadrons® (USPS) For Boaters By Boaters™ with practical tips for coping — and thriving — during these challenging times. View the entire series of six episodes here. Learn more at Join USPS at

Electric Shock Drowning (ESD)

The new “Electric Shock Drowning (ESD)” video shows how ESD causes deaths and injuries at marinas nationwide, including many undetected incidents. Viewers will also learn about ESD prevention and how to install ground protection on docks and boats. Also featured are differences between ESD dangers in saltwater and freshwater. Learn

Life Jacket Labels

The new “Life Jacket Labels” video shows the new labeling system now being adopted for life jackets. Viewers will also learn about performance levels based on newtons. Also featured are tips regarding ISO-based warning icons. Learn more at Join USPS at

Dispelling BUI Myths

The new “Dispelling BUI Myths” video covers six major misconceptions about boating under the influence (BUI). Viewers will also learn about unique dangers associated with boating while intoxicated. Also featured are law enforcement actions and penalties for conviction of BUI. Learn more at Join USPS at